I Wanna Be The Guy

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I Wanna Be The Guy: The Movie: The Game was another indie game that came out of nowhere and surprised the heck out of me. But before I continue this review, let me say that I do NOT recommend this game to most players. If you are easily frustrated, have little patience, and have a hard time playing platformers, don't even bother reading the rest of this review. Ignore it.

So anyway, IWBTG (as I'll abbreviate it from now on) is a basic side-scrolling platformer with retro graphics. You control The Kid on his quest to become The Guy. So yeah, that summarizes the story right there. You wanna be The Guy.

Ghouls and Ghosts
Pretty much everything you see here can kill you.

The controls are very basic. You can jump, double jump in midair, and shoot. (There's also a part where you can wall-jump later in the game.) For the most part, the controls are pretty simple. But what's important is that the controls are tight and very smooth, which is definitely welcome. What differentiates this game from all the other platformers is that it's hard. Very hard. OBSCENELY hard. I guarantee you'll die within 20 seconds of starting the game. It will take you possibly up to 30 minutes to get past the 3rd screen. What makes IWBTG so special is that it's the hardest platformer ever created. I'm sure most of you have seen the Kaizo Mario videos, where some sadist created levels for Super Mario World that were obscenely hard. This is worse than that. MUCH worse.

So if the game is so difficult, why play? Surprisingly enough, IWBTG is actually quite fun, despite all the deaths you'll no doubt acquire. There are always surprises (that kill you) but they are rarely the same and always unexpected. And even if you know what to expect, it takes extreme skill to be able to get past a lot of the insanity. But the important thing to note is that all the areas are passable, and the sense of accomplishment you get from passing an area is something you probably won't get in any other game.

No, simply jumping down the hole does not work.

The graphics once again follow the retro feel, much like Cave Story, but they're still quite smooth and there are plenty of effects that are pretty darn nifty. There are a lot of cameos from games of the 8-bit era, as a sort of tribute to a simpler time in gaming. The sound mostly consists of music and effects from these games as well, though I was surprised to hear music from Guilty Gear: Isuka and Ikaruga make an appearance. And yet, despite the reuse of old graphics and sound, everything fits where it belongs.

So if you want a challenging, yet fun game, I definitely recommend that you start on your quest to become The Guy.

The game is still sort of in its beta stages, though most of the bugs have been worked out, and I haven't had any major difficulty with it. As for running on Linux, once again there are some kinks due to the use of Multimedia Fusion. I've tweaked Wine quite a bit and it still has minor problems. Still, I expect these to be ironed out as newer versions of Wine are available.

IWBTG can be found on the author's website:
The website.
Download page. Download the demo to see if you even want to play.

This is the game hosted on The Inkwell. NOTE: This is only for convenience and may be out of date.

I recommend playing the "SloMo" version and if you have slowdown issues with that, then use the "Frameskip" version.

Somewhat Recommended. (Only for patient players.)