The New Satan Sam

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For some of my visitors, this game may sound slightly controversial. However, I assure you, it's only the title. The game itself has nothing remotely objectionable in it.

An island paradise.

Moving on, Satan Sam is yet another side-scrolling platformer, this time with a focus on fast-paced gameplay. You control Sam, a little demon, and the goal of each level is to destroy the enemies and move on to the next level, though taking any damage will result in death. Still, you gain lives pretty easily, and there's no limit to how many you can have, so the challenge of each level is nicely balanced. Enemies are defeated through use of Sam's big-huge laser blast. Also, Sam can use various items to help him in his fight, from a sword (named Elliot), to a giant rolling hamster ball. The difficulty is challenging, though never overly frustrating. (Except the bonus worlds at the end, which are quite painful indeed.) The controls are relatively tight, though they could use some minor tweaking here and there.

The storyline of the game is pretty basic. Sam's home is destroyed by evil invading forces and he must go off to fight them, and perhaps learn a bit about his destiny.

The graphics are of the more pixelled nature, but they are quite beautifully designed. The worlds that Sam visits range from lush jungles to barren wastelands, and all of them look quite appealing to the eye.

Fighting enemies in a desert wasteland.

The sound is probably the best part of the game. While the effects are above average, it's the background music that really shines. Of all the games I've reviewed with original music, Satan Sam probably has the most enjoyable soundtrack for me. (With the possible exception of Cave Story.) Each song fits well with its designated stage, and they have the beat and composition of old-school 8-bit music, while maintaining the high-quality sampling of modern day synthesizers. Most fans will be pleased to see the soundtrack is available for download on the website.

So give Satan Sam a try and see what you think. It's one of the more fun free indie games I've played in a long while.

The game is complete and mostly bug-free, though since it was made with Multimedia Fusion, it will have the usual quirks. It will also have minor problems running in Linux, though these problems may disappear as future versions of Wine are released.

Interesting Note: The game is actually called The New Satan Sam, since it went through a couple of iterations before its current release.

The New Satan Sam can be found on the author's website for free:
The website.
The Game page. Check out the trailers to see the game in action.